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CF2050V2 Foil Kit

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Foiling Made Easy

With the greatest stability and most accessible flight speed in our CF V2 range, the 2050 is the larger rider's gateway to foiling.

  • Low minimum flying speed is ideal for learning to wing foil.
  • Confidence-inspiring pitch and roll stability for discovering foiling behind a boat or jetski.
  • A lightwind machine for more experienced wing foil riders.


WING: Beginner riders 78kg (171lb) and up in all conditions, intermediate riders 65-89kg (143-196lb) in light+ conditions.

WAKE: Riders 100kg (220lb) and up.

DOWNWIND: Intermediate riders of all weights.

BEGINNERS: Pair with TC70 fuselage and CF300 stabiliser.

INTERMEDIATE: Pair with TC60 fuselage and HS232 or HA195 stabilisers.

*Recommendations are meant only as a general guideline. Different components and conditions may influence rider experience.

Robin´s Meinung: Die 2050 ist das meist verkaufte Foilset in meinem Shop. Für Anfänger ist es super einfach, aber ich selbst benutze das 2050 immer noch sehr oft, um einfach zu cruisen. In der Schweiz willst du ein Foil, das schnell Auftrieb gibt und lange gleitet. Wenn du leichter als 65 kg bist, ist das cf1600v2 die bessere Wahl.


2050 sq/cm


WEIGHT: 1620gr

AR: 4.82

Stability Is Confidence

A stable, predictable foil helps to make progression easier and safer. If you’re just beginning your foiling journey or already an advanced rider, this range has a size tailored for you.

More Flight Time

Whether you're trying your first gybes or perfecting your backflips, the CF V2's exceptionally forgiving low speed handling keeps the foil flying easily while you focus on the manoeuvre.

Inspiring You To Push It

Designed to inspire confidence, this range of foils enables intermediate and advanced riders to explore new territory whether it’s under a wing, behind a boat, or on a wave face.

A Future-Proofed System

Sized from 950 to 2050sq/cm, the CFv2 range truly caters to the full spectrum of rider levels, weights and foiling sports. As your experience level and style evolve, the modular Armstrong A+ System offers component choices to match your progression.

CF2050V2 Foil Kit CF2050V2 Foil, V2 CF300 Stabiliser, 72cm (28.5”) Mast, TC60 (23.5”) Fuse, PP Shims